Traffic Cases and Driver's Licenses

Are traffic cases criminal or civil?

Some are criminal, and some are civil.  Consult with a lawyer if you have any questions.


Which court handles traffic cases?

Most traffic cases are handled by the General District Court in the city or county where the ticket was issued.


Where can I find information about paying my traffic ticket online?

This Self-Help website includes information about paying your traffic ticket online.


Where can I find information about restoring my driver's license?

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles offers information about reinstating your Virginia driver's license.  They also offer information about Driver Improvement Clinics in Virginia and the Virginia driver’s point system.  You can learn more about requesting a copy of your driver record (moving violations and points assessed) from the Department of Motor Vehicles here.

Drive to Work  is a Virginia non-profit organization.  It assists qualifying low-income people and people who have been in jail or prison to restore driving privileges so they can drive to work and hold a job.


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