Custody, Visitation & Child Support Forms

Where can I find court approved forms?

The Virginia Judicial System has a number of forms for each court available on the court's form page.  You can also access forms by entering the form number or a keyword in the search box on the court's form page, which is located in the upper right hand corner of each page above the navigation column.

District Court - Juvenile


Request for Confidentiality –Civil (Form # DC-618)

Non-Disclosure Addendum (Form # DC-621)

Motion to Amend or to Review Order (Form # DC-630)

Motion to Withdraw Consent to Deferral of Proceedings Pursuant to VA CODE §18.2-57.3(B) (Form # DC-634)

Motion for Show Cause Summons or Capias (Form # DC-635)

Child Custody / Visitation

Information Considered In Child Custody/ Visitation Proceedings (Form # DC-574)

Request for Virginia Registration of Child Custody and/or Visitation Determination from Another State (Form # DC-582)

Supplement to Petition for Expedited Enforcement Under Virginia Code §20-146.29 of the Uniform Child Custody and Enforcement Act (Form # DC-584)

Medical Emergency Custody Petition (Form # DC-491)

Child Support

Notice- Administrative Support Decision Appeal (Form # DC-601)

Notice of Information Required in Child/Spousal Support Proceedings (Form # DC-603)

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (Form # DC-637)

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet—Split Custody (Form # DC-638)

Child Support Guidelines Worksheet—Shared Custody (Form # DC-640)


Financial Statement for Application to Proceed in Custody/ Visitation Case Without Filing Fees or For Assessment of Guardian ad Litem Costs (Form # DC-606)

Income Deduction

Respondent’s Request for Income Deduction Order (Form # DC-615)

Motion and Notice of Proposed Income Deduction Order for Support (Form # DC-617)


Motion for Genetic Testing (Form # DC-623)

Out of State

 Affidavit (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) (Form # DC-620)

Request for Virginia Registration of Non-Virginia Support Order (Form # DC-685)


Performance Bond (Form # DC-660)

Filing of Foreign Protective Order (Form # DC-684)

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