District Court Forms

Where can I find court approved forms?

The Virginia Judicial System has a number of forms for each court available on the court's form page.  You can also access forms by entering the form number or a keyword in the search box on the court's form page, which is located in the upper right hand corner of each page above the navigation column.

District Court


Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment (Form #DC-434)

Summons to Answer Interrogatories (Form # DC-440)

Bill of Particulars (Form # DC-441)

Grounds of Defense (Form #DC-442)

Itemized List of Damages  (Form # DC-443)

Attachment Petition (Form #DC-445)

Affidavit-Default Judgment Service Members Civil Relief Act (Form # DC-418)

Claims for Money

Warrant in Debt—Small Claims Division (Form # DC-402)

Warrant in Debt (Form # DC-412)

Claims for Property

Warrant in Detinue—Small Claims Division (Form # DC-404)

Warrant in Detinue (Civil Claim for Specific Personal Property) (Form # DC-414)

Detinue Seizure Petition (Form # DC-415)

Petition and Order for Sale of Property  (Form # DC-479)

Motion and Order for Release of Vehicle (Form # DC-499)

Service & Notice

Affidavit and Petition for Order of Publication (Form # DC- 435)

Notice of Change of Address (Form # DC-437)

Affidavit for Service of Process on the Secretary of the Commonwealth (Form # DC-410)

Service Other Than By a Virginia Sheriff (Form # DC-411)

Certificate of Mailing Posted Service (Form # DC-413)

Judgment Debtor / Creditor

Request for Hearing—Exemption Claim (Form # DC-407)

Plaintiff’s Bond for Levy or Seizure (Form # DC-447)

Defendant’s Bond for Levey or Seizure (Form # DC- 448)

Civil Appeal Bond (Form # DC-460)

Plaintiff’s Bond-Lien of Mechanic for Repairs (Form # DC-462)

Affidavit Concerning Dependent Children and Household Income (Form # DC-449)

Suggestion for Summons in Garnishment (Form # DC-450) (Judgment Creditor)

Garnishment Summons (Form # DC-451) (Judgment Creditor)

Notice of Satisfaction Form (Form # DC-458)  (Judgment Creditor)

Motion for Judgment to Be Marked Satisfied (Form # DC-459) (Judgment Creditor)

Notice to Judgment Debtor- How to Claim Exemptions for Garnishment (Form # DC-454)

Garnishee Information Sheet (Form # DC-455) (Judgment Debtor)

Garnishee’s Answer (Form # DC-456) (Judgment Debtor)

Forthcoming Bond (Form # DC-470) (Judgment Debtor)



Request for Writ of Eviction in Unlawful Detainer Proceedings (Form # DC-469)

Petition to Test for Blood-Borne Pathogens (Form # DC-405)

Petition to Require Blood Test (Form # DC-406)


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